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Open Positions

We currently have several open positions. Interested students should email Professor Daun. Due to the large volume of applicants, replies can only be sent eligible/succcessful candidates. You can find out more about graduate studies in our department by following this link.

Project 1: Heat transfer/materials modeling of a reheat furnace for automotive manufacturing (Postdoctoral fellow)

There is an open position for a postdoctoral fellow to research the austenitization and formation of an intermetallic Al-Si-Fe layer during heating of Usibor® 1500 P within a furnace, a ultra-high strength steel used in hot forming die quenching. The project is multidisciplinary, and involves heat transfer, metallurgy, and some inverse analysis. The candidate will work in a research team environment, and will interface with major Canadian automotive manufacturers. The successful candidate would have skills in theoretical modeling, metallurgical characterization, and process heat transfer, and must have completed a PhD in mechanical or materials engineering. Interested candidates should contact Professor Daun.